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UnitWars Season 14 X100 Opening 13 August!

Welcome to UnitWars Season 14 new medium style X100 server! Server is based on latest files with all new game content. Maximum Resets is 35, maximum Grand Resets is 30. When you will reach maximum progress you will have ~80'000 free LevelUpPoints to distribute.

Opening time:
13 August 17:00 Server Time (UTC +2.00).
Or check count-back timer on top of website.

Server will be started with 2 Sub-Servers: 1 - PvP, 2 - Non-PvP with maximum capacity 400 each.

Exchange Credits to W Coins function will be available from 14 August 17:00 Server Time.

Basic infos:
Version: Season 14
Experience: X100
Master & Majestic Experience: X100
1st 5 Resets from: 350, 360, 370, 380, 390, 400lvl
Maximum Resets: 35
Maximum Grand Resets: 30
Web Item Shop: No
In-game CashShop (X): Yes, Limited
Goblin Points: 2 GP every minute

Grand Resets reward: 2'000 free LevelUpPoints * GR count, 800 W Coins. 30 GR = 60'000 free LevelUpPoints and 24'000 W Coins. On latest Reset and Grand Reset (35 Resets and 30 Grand Resets) you will receive additional 10'000 W Coins.

Monsters power is adjusted, so if you want to stay in Top maps you must have plenty Resets count.

Character Reset Boost system:
Reset 5: Unlock +5% HP Increase;
Reset 15: Unlock + 7% SD Increase;
Reset 25: Unlock + 5% Defense Increase;
Reset 35: Unlock + 7% Damage Increase.

Available in-game commands:
Reset Character: /reset
Grand Reset: /greset
Global chat: /post
Add Stats: /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /addcmd
Clear PK: /pkclear
OffAttack: /offattack (use settings from UnitWars Helper)
Warehouses: /ware 0, 1 and etc
AutoParty: /re auto or /re auto <1234> with password
Custom Store: /store or /offstore (offline mode)

Cya in game August, 13 17:00!

Posted: 2019-08-13 12:53

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